March 19, 2014

Matt's 2nd House Party

Matt has pictures from another house party!

See ya!

I got a Reebro!!!!!!!!!

After trying for at least a month with the Riff/Scups combo, I switched off to the Riff/T-Rox combo. Last night, I was gonna do the T-Rox one again, but I thought maybe I should try Scups instead. That decision was successful! I got a Reebro from it! And I don't even think they bumped up the chances this time, I just happened to get it! So this will be my first Ethereal! How exciting! However, the problem is that he should be ready around the end of Saturday. :(

Here's a quick update of what I have:

Earth Island:
  • Mammott
  • Noggin
  • Potbelly
  • Tweedle
  • Pompom
  • Furcorn
  • Drumpler
  • Cybop
Air Island:
  • Toe Jammer
  • Mammott
  • Tweedle
  • Noggin
  • Quibble
  • Pango
  • Cybop
  • Fwog
  • T-Rox
  • Scups
  • Riff
  • (in nursery :)
Water Island:
  • Tweedle
  • Noggin
  • Potbelly
  • Toe Jammer
  • Dandidoo
  • Reedling
  • Shellbeat
New for Plant Island:
  • Entbrat
  • Shugabush
New for Cold Island:
  • Deedge
That's all everybody! Bye!

February 11, 2014

1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been 1 whole YEAR since I made my railway. I made the term DSR in April, Thomas and Percy aired on the 25th of that month, and then Season 2 started! I'll upload a video for it soon, so look out for it! Also, I'm gonna post a recap of everything that happened within this year. See ya! Throw a party if ya want! Bye!

February 8, 2014

My City Folk villagers

Here they are!
  • Rolf
  • Daisy
  • Portia
  • Moose
  • Punchy
  • Pinky
  • Felicity
  • Whitney(who can leave as soon as possible)
  • Dora
  • Elvis
That's all, folks(I really need to stop these corny endings)!

Top 5 K.K. Songs

Okay, so most of you are probably wondering what my favorite K.K. songs are. Well, here they are!

  1. K.K. Jongara!!!!!!
  2. K.K. Rally
  3. K.K. Oasis
  4. Steep Hill
  5. Marine Song 2001
As you may have noticed from Jongara, Rally, and Oasis, I like exotic-sounding songs. However, I really like the live version of Jongara alot more than the aircheck. Flip the monkey has Rally in his house, so that's why I started liking that one. And the reason I love Jongara is because I was listening to a recording of Club LOL songs and the first one was Jongara. I saw that the cover had Phil the peacock on it(he was in our old town before we re-created it), so I was curious about it. I listened to it, and BAM!!! It was my favorite. Also, I started liking Steep Hill because Phil had it in his house.

Comment below if you have any of these villagers!

  • Rolf
  • Bangle
  • Prince
  • Quillson
  • Miranda(gross)
  • Pancetti
  • Phil
  • Frobert
  • Melba
  • Mac
Those were our old villagers....I miss them. But I happened to get Rolf in my City Folk town! See you! Wait, that's not right. What I meant to say is: See ya!

January 29, 2014

Museum expansion in DSR has been built!

The museum expansion in DSR has been built! I've met Celeste, Blathers' younger sister, and she told me I can buy an exhibit room for 10,000 Bells. That was way to much for me. I only have around 1,000. They had a museum floor and museum wall up for sale today. The floor is 2,000.

My villagers are:
  • Pudge the Lazy Bear Cub
  • Limberg the Cranky Mouse
  • Claudia the Snooty Tiger
  • Lily the Normal Frog
  • Flip the Jock Monkey
  • Lopez the Smug Antelope
  • Katt the Uchi Cat
  • Tabby the Peppy Cat
  • Fuchsia the Uchi Deer
That's all of them! My favorites are Pudge, Limberg, and Tabby. For some reason, everyone seems to hate Tabby! Probably because she's so ugly but that doesn't matter! The End!

UPDATE: We're getting closer to getting The Roost!

January 26, 2014

Henry and the Elephant review w/ Animal Crossing Wii U ideas w/ TAP info!

Alright...phew...that was a long title. Anyway, to start things off, here's a review of the Season 4 episode, Henry and the Elephant!

I have loved this episode since I was really little. It was on my 10 Years of Thomas DVD. I always really liked the part were that guy was in the truck and everyone was thinking there was a monster in the tunnel! I'm really not sure if this one is based on a Railway Series story, but I don't think it is. And I don't really have much else to say, so....on to the next part!

So, to start things off, I really want those soccer balls from Animal Crossing GCN to return. And you should be able to ask if villagers want you to do stuff for them like GCN. Also, you should be able to ask villagers to do stuff for YOU, like deliver packages, catch a certain bug/fish, etc. Am I right? Here's some other ideas:

  • dive in the river and waterfall
  • have island-exclusive villager again
  • K.K. Dubstep
  • dubstoid family
  • silver and golden timer
  • Tom Nook owns store again
  • Point System
  • Tom Nook version of T.I.Y.
  • City
  • The Roost in the City
  • campsite is special area away from town
  • towns have two heights again
  • new villager species: guinea pig, gyroid, tanuki

Phew....that was long. However, I hope you like it! Now.............................................the moment you've all been waiting for(that was way too many dots)...................Season 3 info!!!!!!!!

Season 3 will have songs in it, along with all the others. Here are the songs:

  • Imuhtamaker
  • Being Thomas
  • The Ballad of Hoodadaia
Okay....these titles may seem weird....but what about Season 2's songs?
  • Hoodadaia
  • Mahna Mahna
All you fans of the Muppets will probably love my(Matt) version of Mahna Mahna. I myself am a fan of the Muppets too so this should be a cool song. Matt takes the place of Mahna Mahna while Thomas and Percy play as the Snowths. How about Season 4's songs?
  • Mario Samba
  • Matt-ish Mahna Mahna
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Hoodaninny
  • The Ballad of a Ninny
  • You Should Reset
Mario Samba is some sort of "It's-a me!" maraca song. Matt-ish Mahna Mahna replaces "Mahna Mahna!" with "Muhtamaker!" Kitchen Sink is Thomas' pop song about the drips and drops of a kitchen sink. Hoodaninny is Diesel 10's interpretation of Hoodadaia. The Ballad of a Ninny is some song about how Diesel 10 hates Matt's little "ninny" things. You Should Reset is how Matt keeps telling people to reset while Resetti keeps popping up saying, "NO RESET!!!!!!"

Uggggghhhhhh.......this is one of my longest posts.....I've been writing for about a half hour now. I hope you read it all! See ya!